#RoyalSalute / #Salutethegame


·      Select, negotiate and activate UK and South Korean Influencers to attend the St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup launch event in January 2017.

.      Create both Master brand and Influencers own content seed in the run up to the launch of the 30-year-old Flask Edition in 2017

·      Recommend an Influencer strategy to keep the momentum going between January and June with the aim to:

o   Create compelling content around the launch of the 30-year-old Flask Edition

o   Direct HNW audience to @RoyalSalute Instagram

o   Nurture a waiting list


·      Reach out to Influencers that are trusted by their peers and fit with the Royal Salute demographic

·      Support Influencers to help them create own content and manage Instagram distribution with correct hashtags, handles and messaging

·      Work with the Influencer to create video content in keeping with both Royal Salute and the Influencer’s style to guarantee distribution by the Influencer


·      Between the two Influencers who there was a combined following of 324K across UK and South Korean territories with and organic social reach of 175,130 across the content created over the two days in St Moritz with over engagement levels of over 6%*

·      Our UK Influencer had over 10,000 views on the video content created

·      Influencers created over 20 posts featuring the brand posted at pivotal points in the run up to the launch in June 2017

*Figures calculated comprise only of posts using the agreed Royal Salute hashtags, handles and branding