Brand Revolution was charged with creating a brand positioning for TAPE London's that elevated its music credentials within the industry and solidified its position as the number on members club for music professionals and talent, highlighting not just the members club and its various services but - importantly - its high-quality studio space and their private members club, a positioning previously only held by Dave Stewarts "Hospital" club.

TAPE London is a space that thrives on creativity and music bringing industry influencers, creators and like-minded individuals together. It is W1’s first music oriented venue and a unique concept, keeping up to date with what the nightlife and entertainment industries have to offer while remaining accessible to the true enthusiast and servicing the worlds best music producers professionals with studio services and a "home away from home" in the form of "TAPE lodge," a beautiful and fully equipped lodge where Talent can stay with their crew when they are touring in London.


We created a committee and founders list of members that included the key "people behind the people", including the UKs best Producers, Managers, Agents, Synch specialists,  Booking Agents and Independent and major label execs.

During pre-launch we placed and executed album launches by acts such as Jess Glynne and charity events by CAAs music department with multiple showcases form globally renowned acts.

We placed and executed parties in-venue with credible lifestyle music titles such as "Hunger", "Flaunt" and may others, building awareness and TAPES position as a cutting edge venue.

To build the credibility in the music industry we facilitated a partnership between TAPE London & Music Week the UK’s leading trade music magazine edited by Mark Sutherland. We then executed across the Music Week Awards, Sync Awards & Women In Music Awards which enabled TAPE positioning in front of the key faces within the Music Industry. The publication provides essential coverage of all the news happening across the UK music business including covering latest newscast, in-depth analysis to profile of hot records and extensive data including charts, playlists and new releases, as well as features from in-depth artist profiles to the future of music including opinions from leading figures from across the business. 


The results have been outstanding, TAPE has become the defacto "must attend" venue for all key music talent when they are in London. From Bieber to Rihanna to Muse to Mystery Jets, it has become the centre of London late night music industry afterparty life - sweeping all other London club venues away and dominating that position.

The studio has hosted every major music talent in the UK and the US, from Krept and Konan to Gorillas, Puff Daddy, Bieber, and dozens of others.

Press wise the consumer coverage has been weekly and consistent and the trade coverage has been across all music trade titles with increased brand awareness within the music industry. Our partnership have also enabled TAPE to be associated with over 18 music brands including Amazon Music, Marshall. The Official Charts Company, PRS for Music, PPL & Brit Rox Music Group.

The ROI delivered for the Music Week campaign alone was over 13 pieces of coverage with a total media reach of 1,493,723 equating to a media value of £124,000.00 for the Music Week Awards alone. 


Reflecting on the partnership, Antony Adel managing partner at Tape said ‘Tape are very proud to be partnering with NewBay across the Music Week Awards, Sync Awards and Women in Music. Our venues thrive on creativity and bringing like-minded individuals together, something which our partnership with the Music Week Awards reflects.’





We facilitated a partnership with American YouTube Sensation Dytto with TAPE Lodge to create bespoke content to be shared across her channels. 


TAPE received distribution across Dytto's You Tube channel and Instagram page. Resulting in over 758,942 views combined. 

The ROI delivered saw over 9 social posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with a total reach of 5,023,176.  Equating to a media value of £13,000.00 




We facilitated a partnership with TAPE Lodge & American Grammy Award winning Producer Leon Thomas to celebrate the start of London Fashion Week. This partnership saw Leon host a private influencer dinner at TAPE's Lodge in London. 


The results saw 17 influencers attend the dinner including YouTuber Sam Pottoff, recording artists Connor Maynard, Luke Friend, Little Simz and Daecolm, Model Nicky Thein, Rapper Che Lingo, and health & fitness blogger Stephanie Elswood. Following the dinner Leon and his fellow musicians participated in a impromptu jam session resulting in over 9 million in organic reach from the influencer's social channels.  (exclusive footage below) 

The ROI delivered was over 48 social posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with a total reach of over 3,993,725.  Equating to a media value of £40,700.00